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“The word slut was invented for this”

Danish drama with Pierce Brosnan

Valentine’s Day was so two months ago. But cupid has one arrow left for Pierce Brosnan and Trinie Dyrholm as they star in new rom-com Love Is All You Need.

Trinie plays Ida, a Danish hairdresser who recently battled cancer. After finishing her treatment she now faces a new battle... with her emotions. She walks in on her husband and his younger colleague in a rather compromising position on the couch, “You’re fooling around with Thilde while I’m at hospital” she screams.

The scene is made humorous with some awkwardly funny lines and the argument even explores where the couch originated from. Was it the Mum’s was it the Uncle’s? Regardless, love rat Leif walks out on Ida sparking a difficult scene where she removes her wig and stares longingly into the mirror. With a lump in our throat we begin to feel for the character.

Brosnan plays stern businessman Philip a widow and estranged father living in Denmark. Ida comes literally crashing into his life when she bumps her car into his. All however is forgiven when they realise her daughter Astrid is marrying his son Patrick in Italy where they are both heading. Well what are the chances?

Cue some beautiful scenery that will make you want to go on holiday immediately and we are taken to Philip and his late wife’s villa which will host the wedding. Thinking a lost suitcase is her biggest worry Ida’s luck goes from bad to worse when Leif turns up and he’s not alone, dramaaaaa. This results in a cocktail in the face, a la Samantha Jones in Sex and the City.

The movie dips in and out of English and Danish with subtitles, we were slightly dubious at first as to whether the subtitles would keep our attention but we were pleased it did. It would always take a few seconds to even realise because the movie completely draws you in. Especially with a shocking but totally hot gay storyline.

As characters fall in and out of love with one another we fell in love with this movie. It’s very refreshing to watch a rom-com that’s not standard Hollywood. Academy award winning director Susanne Bier delivers the challenges of love, life and moving on in a way that’s as beautiful as the scenery.

A surprisingly splendid 4/5

Love Is All You Need is releassed in cinemas on Friday. Trailer below.

Words: Benjamin Spence

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