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Demi's heart attack

Pop alert!

Former Disney good girl and X-Factor USA judge Demi Lovato has dropped the video for her new single Heart Attack from her upcoming fourth studio album Demi. You see what she did there? She named it after herself.

In the video the former Disney starlet, who has in the past been treated for self-harming and bulimia, certainly oozes power and control in her latest video and looks damn fine doing it.

She plays between two major looks, the natural and pure and the dark and empowered. It's like Die Another Day without the Kabbalah.

Her natural look lets you see just how beautiful Lovato really is. Yes Demi, we get it. But what's that muck on you? Dressed in white with her arms covered in what looks like tar and it feels like it’s being used to show that love has tainted her and she can’t remove the stain. Her darker empowered self rocks smokey eyes seems more in control. Don't mess with her!

The electropop track is definitely a heart thumper as Lovato wraps her vocals around some impressive climbs a sirens which at times seems reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson from her Behind The Hazel Eyes days. Video below.

Demi will be released on May 14th and you can purchase Heart Attack on iTunes now.

Words Ross Fingland

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