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It's Rodrigo Time!

We catch up with our favourite Brazilian cutie the sexy Rodrigo Lopes...

Remember Rodrigo? He became a star on Big Brother in 2009, winning the nations hearts with his camp giggles and Brazilian temper, and winning our eyes with those tiny swim trunks. For those uninitiated, here are our two favourite Rodrigo moments:

The Daft Punk dance challenge

Rodrigo was paired with the hottest girl in the house Sophie and they had to learn the dance routine to Daft Punk song 'Harder Better Faster Stronger' or else risk losing their weekly shopping budget. Rodrigo shaped some great moves and straight viewers couldn't believe his arse was nicer than Sophie's:

Rodrigo meeting The Queen

Young Rodrigo stated throughout the series that his ambition in England was to meet The Queen. Producers fooled him into thinking The Queen has heard his wish and had come to the house to meet him. Poor Brazilian Rodrigo fell for it:

So soon after Big Brother Rodrigo popped his bum out for a GT naked shoot or two and appeared on a variety of panel shows. The tabloid press reported that Rodrigo planned to transition into a woman, but this never quite materialised and he in fact moved back to Brazil and started working for TV star Luciana Gimenez on her show (pictured above with Rodrigo). Luciana Gimenez is the mother of Mick Jagger's son Lucas (born in 1999 while Jagger was still married to Jerry Hall)

Now Rodrigo has moved back to London for a few months to do some Big Brother coverage this summer (and hopefully share a few cocktails with us.) We caught up with the little madame for a chat:

Rodrigo! How have you liked being back in Brazil?

It's always nice being back home with my family but it's been a bit difficult to re-adapt after six years living on my own. I'm in Sao Paulo, where I'm from originally and it's the biggest city in South America so that's cool.

Are you family supportive and accepting?

My family are very proud of me. I always wanted to be reporter, since I was about 3 years old. Actually I used to make my family film me and would start interviewing people in the streets as if I was live on TV! We still laugh about that!

Do you like the gay scene in Sao Paulo?

Yes there is a huge gay scene in Sao Paulo, lots of greats bars and clubs, but there's still lots of discrimination against gay people too. For example a famous singer called Joelma (from the Brazilian band Calypso) told the press a week ago that if she had a gay son she would fight her whole life to convert him, as if they were a drug addict! That was completely disgusting for her to say, to compare being gay with drug addiction.

Hear! Hear! So, you're now a TV presenter in Brazil, how's that going?

I'm not a big presenter, more a reporter. I've studied hard to be a presenter though and I would love to have my own show one day. When I finished my BA degree in Television last year at university here in England, I spent some time looking for a permanent job but nothing came up, so I moved back too Brazil for Christmas and started contacting the TV channels. The most exciting day was when I got the call from a Brazilian show called SuperPop asking me to be their reporter! I was so happy about that because I'd been a fan of the show when I was living in Brazil and used to watch it all the time.

What is it like working for the fabulous Luciana Gimenez? Has she tried to have a baby with you yet?

I love Luciana because she gave me the opportunity of my lifetime and she is one of Brazil's most talented and natural presenters. She used to live in England you know, at the time when she had her son Lucas. When I introduced myself to her and told her about my experiences of the UK she told me how much she loved her time in England too. Luciana really inspires me.

So you're back in England for a while again now. What did you miss?

Oh my God, England for me is walking into Tesco, buying some drinks and then it's time to PARTY! Haha. No, I shall be in Leeds mainly. I still have a flat there and I care a lot about it. Leeds is the place where I spent the happiest years of my life so far and made the best friends. I have an adoptive family there who helped me move to England in the first place, they are responsible for making my life so much happier. I can't wait!

Do you prefer Spanish boys to the English boys?

The British and the Brazilian both have good looking boys. I don't ask to see someone's passport before having sex with them, haha.

But who in your view is better at sex?

You might not believe this, but I haven't had sex now for five months now, the whole time I've been back in Brazil.

So what will you be doing over here in London this summer?

I will be appearing on Big Brother's Bit on the Side as I do every year to comment on the new season. I really love doing it as Big Brother is of course my favourite show in Britain! I'm friends with all the production team and so every season I look forward to being with them again. We have a great laugh! I also heard Emma Willis will be presenting the main series of the show now and so I can't wait to watch her, I know she will be amazing!

Since you've been away gay marriage has been passed here. Do you see yourself marrying one day?

I hope so. I think it's important to share life with someone and do things together. I wouldn't want to live life alone. My future partner would have to be very calm though because I think I can be a bit argumentative!

Yes, I recall you being a bit demanding! So finally, if 'Rodrigo' was a cocktail. What would be the ingredients?

Having gone five months without sex, I don't think I'm allowed to be a cocktail. Maybe just a glass of water for now, and then ask me again later!

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