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Locke up your daughters... and sons?

Oh Ollie, you're talking our language!

If you're a fan of Ollie Locke, you're going to want to hear this… The Made in Chelsea star is going to be talking about sex and sexuality on his new online TV show The Fox Problemat 7.30pm tonight.

The theme of the episode is sex, so Ollie will be sharing his views on everything from sex toys to extreme porn…

“Sex is seen as quite cool – so people wan to lie about it to make themselves seem cooler,” says Ollie. “Everything is becoming an extreme version – we want more extremes in the world, which is what's happening to porn. It's getting more extreme. But is that a good thing or not?”

After the show, Ollie and fellow presenter, former T4 star Georgie Okell, will be having an after hours talk about how it feels to be gay and bisexual in the modern world. This talk will be available online from Thursday at The Fox Problemand You Tube.

If you've got any questions for Ollie, you can tweet them to the show @TheFoxProblem and he'll do his best to answer them live on air.

Catch The Fox Problem live 7.30pm tonight at The Fox Problem.

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