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INTERVIEW: Next Door Magazine's Indigo

The editor of the 'uncommon magazine celebrating the common man' tells GT about himself and the inspiration behind his alternative adult (in all senses of the word) title.

What inspired you to create such a unique magazine?

I would buy an adult magazine about once a year, and always found myself disappointed. The models were all the same (hairless and scared looking), the sets were fake, and the layouts were always the same: fully dressed model, erection, erection, anus, then one last erection shot. I used to wonder why someone didn’t do something different. Suddenly I realised, maybe I’m supposed to be the one creating something different.

Do you consider yourself to be “the Common Man”?

I’ve always felt that we are an extremely attractive species – men and women. You so rarely see someone who is truly unattractive. I appreciate the idealised statues of Ancient Greek, and those Calvin Klein models, but I love real, everyday common people. We are fortunate to be so unique as individuals, and have the ability to do extraordinary things, but it is what we have in common that keeps us all going. Yes, I consider myself to be “the Common Man”.

Is Indigo your real name?

I was raised Catholic, so my brothers & I were all named after saints. There is no Saint Indigo…yet. The name Indigo was actually given to me as a sarcastic joke, but I loved it, and did have it legally changed.

What is a typical day in the life of editor Indigo?

I’m fortunate that my days aren’t typical. Naturally Next Door is often on my mind, but most of my days are spent running the household: cleaning, grocery shopping, preparing meals (our kitchen is always open), and caring for my partner of 23 years.

What is your favorite part of the job?

I love anything collaborative, especially the photo shoots. Pulling together a photographer, model and a location is not always easy to coordinate, but the process is so much fun and very rewarding. I also love doing the final article edits. I’m amazed at how much I continue to learn about the English language. Nothing turns me on like language!

What do you like to do in your down time, when you’re away from work?

I’m very passionate about travel. I’ve been to all 7 continents. I’m especially fond of Cunard. I sailed QE2 forty times. I also watch a friend’s 2-year old twins twice a week. I stayed at home full time with my little one until he started school, and I’m thrilled to enjoy those times again. I love changing diapers (nappies), filling bottles and taking them to the museums. Kids are the best, because they’re always engaged.

What is the main difference between Next Door and other gay publications?

Most of the articles are not gay related. I like to keep current on gay issues, but I think most gays like to read about other topics. That’s why we always have science and cooking, poetry and non-fiction. We also insist that all of our models are natural. We don’t believe in “manscaping”.

Do you read any other gay magazines?

I try to look at as many magazines as possible gay and mainstream. I just love magazines!

How do you feel about the amazing letters of support you get from your readers?

The letters really keep us motivated. When I started the Next Door, I wasn’t sure people would love seeing normal men, who don’t spend the entire day at the gym. I also wasn’t sure if people would like reading about science and cooking in an adult magazine. The letters let us know we’re on the right track. We also appreciate the occasional letters we get from people who don’t like what we’re doing. People’s opinions always interest me.

Where do you find all the weird and wonderful artwork that is featured in your magazine?

Before I started Next Door I never owned a computer. I truly feel that the Internet is one of the greatest inventions ever. So initially we found a lot of artists and other contributors via the Internet. Since we’ve grown, we have lots of people contact us. There is so much talent out there!

What can we expect from the next issue of Next Door?

We’re currently working on our Anniversary Issue. We’re turning 4! I’ve always considered Next Door to be a work in progress, so we’re always adding new features, and getting rid of others. I’ve learned there is no perfect formula, but to try new things. After all, isn’t that what life’s all about?

Next Door Magazine is available in good newsagents or digitally on the Zinio newsstand

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