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Interview: Vitalic

Fancy some French house?

Just like Madge we love us some French house music, so we thought we’d have a little catch up with gay electro producer Vitalic – also known as Pascal Arbez. His album Rave Age was released last last year and the latest single has just been remixed by C2C. We’re loving it. Check it out.

We chat to Vitalic about Boize Noise, Belgium and bears…

There are three different remixes of your new single Fade Away, do you have a preference?
I am very happy with the Formentera rework, that reminds me of a beautiful moment in Ibiza.

You are currently touring, how is that going?
It’s going really super. Koko in London was amazing and the VTLZR show with the scenography is a bomb in big festivals.

What makes the UK special?
It’s difficult to say. I think it is the way the English people party that makes it special, their taste and curiosity for music...

You have been linked to the sounds of Daft Punk, Boys Noize and Fake Blood are you happy with this?
Why not? I think I am more techno and less pop than Daft Punk as well as more pop and less techno than Boys Noize... but you need to make links to other musicians to describe music and those are great references.

Do your French and Italian origins influence your work?
I suppose yes because you are raised in a specific environment and that has an impact on your cultural references. If I was born in Bulgaria I would certainly have different references.

What's your next move?
I am touring a lot and made a remix for C2C. I am also working on a few other remixes. I will restart focusing on producing later on. I am enjoying a lot this moment when the LP is released, I am touring during week ends and wanking about during the week time...

You've been quite low key about your sexuality – has it ever been an issue for you as a DJ and music producer?
No it’s not but I am discreet and laid back...or I pretend to be so.

What female DJs are you enjoying at the moment?
It is some time since I saw a female DJ playing. There was a big hype about DJettes in France in the 2000's but it’s a bit over. I don’t know why it is a male dominated industry. Maybe men are more attracted by the contact with machines and computers...

If you could be any animal...
I'd be a bear or a Yorkshire Terrier.

If you could have sex with yourself…
There are those stupid moments when you are wasted and you look at yourself and you think you are fucking hot, but you are just wasted...

What was the last thing you ate?
I brought some spicy salami from Napoli where I was playing two days ago. So I'm eating some now.

Watch the video for Stamina, also from Rave Age, below.

Words Paris Lees

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