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Missy joins Little Mix for new single How Ya Doin'?

Britain’s hottest pop princesses and previous X Factor winners Little Mix have returned with a killer tune, How Ya Doin'? – a fun filled collaboration with American rapper and Grammy-Award winner Missy Elliott. Missy friggin' Elliott!

The band, still enjoying success from their popular singles Wings and DNA, seem to be turning all American on us with this vibrant, pop art style video, American-style beats and chorus and of course a return of Missy. Missy! Did we mention Missy?

Sassy foursome Perrie, Leigh-Ann, Jade and Jesy are seen getting ready for a big night out. All perfecting their looks and showcasing their newly dyed hair colours; as well as having a quick product placement within the video. All videos have them nowadays! The girls perform in front of coloured screens, then move onto the club as they showcase their killer moves without even ruining their makeup or highly-polished hairstyles. It's all a far cry from the old days when Adam Rickitt made do with a sunbed and a shower cubicle.

Does Missy smash it? She so smashes it. Obvs. We also want and need that orange tracksuit in our life, pronto. The video is a winner and the song is pretty damn catchy too... possible future number one? Watch this space guys!

How Ya Doin'? is released May 5

Words: Kristian Brennan

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