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Diet Coke's new hunk has got us fizzing

So Diet Coke are celebrating 30 years of diet coke-ing this year (can you believe it!) And they have gone all out treating the fans by re-introducing us to the Diet Coke hunk. The GT office definitely had a craving for the fizzy drink after seeing him. Mmmmmm.

Andrew Cooper, Diet Coke’s latest hunk, hails from Manchester. With his northern good looks, charm and that Mancunian accent, he’s defiantly a winner for us in the GT office.

The iconic brand filmed their latest campaign on a country hill, with a group of independent, strong ladies on hand. Casually sipping the fizzy drink during their lunch break; chatting, laughing and, of course, checking out the hotties! We all do it! Some of us more than others. This campaign also puts a humorous spin on the ‘office pervs’, which we now know, by the way, is not just the guys. Ladies busy checking out the potential too!

And it’s no wonder: seeing Andrew whip his top off to reveal that sexy torso while mowing the lawn has got us pretty hot and bothered. So if you’re craving a slight sugar fix why not grab a can? Though, no, Andrew probably won’t be mowing your garden with it… We wish!

Words: Kristian Brennan

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