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Who is the Nip+Man?

And what the sod is all this about?

This incredibly sexy and humorous video by Nip Man called ‘Who is the Nip+Man?’ could quite possibly be mistaken for a teaser video for the latest X Factor show. The classically-shot black and white clip starts off by introducing the viewer to the Nip+ panel; similar to our favourite talent show judges (we haven’t yet worked out whom Mr Nasty is!) The panel are quite simply looking for a face (and body) for their product.

However this isn’t your typical audition clip, with possible ‘talented people’ showcasing what they’ve got. This audition is quite simply one of the hottest ones around. It showcases beautiful, muscled men working out right before the judge’s professional eyes; as well as rubbing on the brands products to intensify their rippled bodies. We heartily approve, natch.

The intensity of the music creates a sense of ‘fear’ and ‘anxiety’ however this mood is clearly juxtaposed by the models auditioning; who are cool, nervous-free and oh course hot! The models, all showcasing their six-packs all enter the audition room, before stripping off for the panel and viewers.

The clip ends with a real cliffhanger for the viewer, asking who is the chosen Nip+Man, and then shows that the chosen model will be revealed this May. So watch this space. It’s definitely going to be something HUUUUGE and not just some shitty advertising campaign. We think.

Words: Kristian Brennan

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