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Slip into this

Love. Stooshe.

Stooshe are back with a brand new and exciting video for their new song, Slip. Still reeling from the previous tunes, Blackheart and their unforgettable cover of TLC’s Waterfalls, the girls this time are asking why their man has let it slip. Down in the bowling alley and throwing some feisty and unforgettable shapes, the girls have decided to match their own vintage sound with an equally vintage theme for this new offering, seeing them having a swing down the local bowling alleys.

The girls want their boys to remember the manners that their mothers taught them when they were young, and they seem to have thrown a bit of a gutter ball when it comes to their relations with the feisty threesome. The girls what it back to the good old days of opening doors and telling them how good they look, and we here at GT hope they get their man back on his game! So grab your bowling shoes and make a strike for the video.

Words: Peter May

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