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Two’s company, three’s…

This touching and hilarious one act play written by Lisa Gifford, which took last year’s Camden Fringe by storm, is back! Re-edited for 2013 and supported by a web based TV series. The first episode is available now to accompany the stage play’s 3-week run at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden. It’s all very modern and interactive, isn’t it?

What can we say about 3some? It's an absolute must see for Fringe theatre-goers and threesome enthusiasts. Holler y’all.

The show opens with Jenny (played by writer Lisa Gifford) and fiancé Paul (played by Peter Halpin) who celebrating moving in together. They get pissed, basically. They are joined by Paul's equally sozzled best friend Rob (Euan King) - a Scottish lad playing Essex's answer to Ryan Gosling. Yes.

A drunken game of 'I Never' reveals that Jen's been with a girl, Rob's been with many many girls and sensitive dark horse Paul has had a threesome. Scandalous!

Myriad romantic couplings are revealed as Gifford explores what happens to one’s sexual politics under the horizon-broadening influence of alcohol. Then they shag. All three chums end up in the bedroom and this comedy-drama cycles through love, romance, friendship, sex and the effects of secrets revealed.

Relationships, we learn, have their tests. And pleasure has its consequences.


Watch the video below…

Five more episodes are set to air throughout April and you can catch the play at Etcetera Theatre until April 7.

Words: Tim Mitchell

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