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Book of Mormon

Glory be! A new musical we can truly believe in!

Even though its been generating colossal buzz across the pond since it opened on Broadway two years ago, no amount of plaudits can truly prepare you for the astounding experience of sitting through Book of Mormon.

Telling the story of two hapless Mormon missionaries sent to Uganda to bring the word of their very specific version of the good book to a remote village under threat from a crazed warlord, this relentless, razor-sharp satire from the creators of South Park and Avenue Q effortlessly claims the perfectly slicked scalps of its chosen targets.

It’s brutal and offensive, sure, but never crass, always outrageous and hilarious, and with no scrap of action, dialogue, performance or lyric wasted – and the songs really are terrific. You are whirled along, spellbound and gobsmacked on this energetic journey through fears, prejudices and the big questions we should all be asking.

There was raucous laughter, shocked gasps and an inevitable standing ovation, but overall the feeling the offence was for the greater good. While it may seem worthy and obvious to say it, there’s more than one message here – and it’s not letting you out of the building until you get it. Got it?

Female circumcision, racism, homophobia and repressed sexuality, sexism, ignorance and blind faith are all unflinchingly laid bare with a healthy dose of razzle dazzle and campery on hand to sweeten the pill.

If, following the decidedly tepid response to his stint hosting the Oscars, Seth MacFarlane seems past his parodying best, there’s never been a better time for the originators of shock and awe Trey Parker and Matt Stone to return to the fore.

While I’d never tell you to kill to get a ticket, it might be worth considering. See it. And then see it again.

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Words: Justin Myers

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