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Dickie Beau: Blackouts

Do we have any Marilyn Monroe fans out there?

Stupid question. She is one of our top female inspirations, along with Cher and the Golden Girls. So we got a bit hard when we heard that drag phenomenon Dickie Beau will be paying tribute to her in an exciting stage show. Monroe and Beau, could it get any better? Apparent so… the daring drag star will use exclusive audio footage from her final interview with Richard Merryman. This is a poignant portrait of two tortured stars though and features an audio of Judy Garland, alone, in a room, speaking into a tape recorder. For her memoirs, which were never published…

We saw the show in Liverpool last year as part of Homotopia, and it is weird, sad and fan-bloody-tastic. If you have any interest in hearing an old drunk moaning into a tape recorder (and you should, it’s funny), for God’s sake make sure it’s Judy Garland. It’s tragic and fabulous all in one rant.

This unique remembrance of two of the most celebrated camp icons in Hollywood explores the dangerous world of stardom that isolated them from everything real and lead to two fatal addictions. It's hard to explain just what Dickie does to bring these women back into the room, so our advice is to go and see it. If you're a true friend of Judy's, you won't be disappointed.


BLACKOUTS: Twilight of the Idols on March 27/28 at the Chelsea Theatre. Tickets and info here.

Words: Aristea Bistakaki

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