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Review: Black Pudding

Please sir, we want some more.

Just before Christmas we headed to Camden for the Roundhouse Show Slam to watch London based youth theatre group Wind-Up Collective captivate the audience with their preview of Black Pudding, a tableau featuring a tidy cross section of the stars of reality television, literature and folk law accompanied by all of the expected tropes.

It’s wonderful to see a preview piece grow, checking in a few months down the line on the full-length production at the Bussey Building in Peckham. This enchanting confusion of fairy tales presents some of your favourite stories from the Brothers Grimm in contemporary urban settings but delightfully twisted. A fusion of Made in Chelsea meets Into the Woods that is still fresh and funny but is now fleshed out somewhat and packed with some brilliant adult surprises.

In this immersive theatre environment the plot, performed in pockets of melodrama delivered to your table, struts up and skates past you at a dreamlike pace that will leave you head spinning. These maundering of tales of warped pirates, wicked witches, brave but dim children and villainous patriarchs will have you laughing along, and maybe grating carrots/whipping cream.

The Wind-Up Collective manages to vacillate between subjects like domestic abuse and lupine gender dysphoria but remain entertaining, dramatic and fully absorbing.


Words: Tim Mitchell

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