GTea Break

Just a haircut

Penis guns. Big wanging penis guns.

It seems like so long since we last heard some good old gay electropop (that's pure lie) so imagine our joy upon finding this little YouTube gem. Dancing alongside a feminine version of himself, Fred Oskar’s got a serious social message to communicate. The sage singer advises us not to be fooled by bonny boys with bold barnets, the type usually surrounded by a gang of desperados. Like we'd be so shallow!

Oskar is right though: they are not the boys for us! Yet why have we all been there? If you haven’t then maybe you are 'the haircut'. Crumbs!

After a successful night on the razz who among you can say they are not guilty of allowing one too many swigs of Bombay Sapphire to mask the shit chat of otherwise hot men? In the end, though, Oskar challenges his man to an ejaculation battle. We've never done that. Obviously. Or at least not with penis guns.

Now, where do we buy some?

Words:Aristea Bitsakaki

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