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Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani Original Television Soundtrack

WARNING: Fanboy review incoming

Somewhat surprisingly, given that the current award-winning, worldwide-dominating, ratings-hit incarnation of Doctor Who has been back on our screens for eight whole years, this is the first ‘classic’ Who story to receive the soundtrack treatment since the 1990s.

I’ll just wait here patiently for someone to correct me. But you get the jist. Certainly there’s hasn’t been a full music soundtrack release from the original 1963-1989 run of Doctor Who since the new series began in 2005. And that’s surprising, given how successful the music of Murray Gold has been over multiple releases since then.

With the show celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Silva Screen is releasing three ‘classic’ soundtracks in their entirety. First up is Fifth Doctor Peter Davison’s final story, The Caves of Androzani. If you don’t know it – why are you even reading this – then add it immediately to your viewing list as it’s long-heralded as one of the best Doctor Who stories ever. The BFI have a screening of it in May as part of their year-long anniversary celebrations.

I digress. Roger Limb (and the Radiophonic Workshop) provided the score and here it finally is, nearly 30 years later. And isn’t it just bloody wonderful.

Electronic, synthesizers, drum beats, the ominous sound of a bell tolling the end of this Doctors incarnation. The initially cautious intro right though to the frenetic dash to escape – joyful. And blooming scary – it’s genuinely eerie in places, perhaps not best for listening to while walking the dog at night. Or, indeed, while trying to dodge mud bursts.

For me, the soundtrack evokes memories of dark autumn evenings (somewhat bizarrely, given that this particular story was screened in March) possibly because Roger Limb’s sound is particularly reminiscent of his score for classic children’s serial The Box of Delights, as well as other Doctor Who stories that you seem to always remember as being on over the winter. Here’s hoping that those stories (and Box of Delights) finally get the full release they too deserve.

Would I be going too far to hint that rumours of the other two releases see them being from either end of the classic series? Probably. Hell, just start releasing the lot Silva Screen and be done with it!


The Caves of Androzani is released on 25 March, you can purchase here.

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