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Leslie Jordan's Fruit Fly

Good things definitely come in small packages...

“Don’t you DARE judge me!” Leslie Jordan drawls at the audience as he marches relentlessly back and forth across the stage at London’s Leicester Square theatre.

He’s just revealed a rather shocking anecdote from his teenage years but the crowd isn’t judging him at all – they’re hooting with joy. Once they’ve got past the initial gasp and instinctive hand to mouth reaction, most likely.

Jordan doesn’t hold back, but the only person he’s lampooning is himself. It’s refreshing, heart-warming and wickedly funny.

The pint-sized actor and comedian’s last show, My Trip Down The Pink Carpet, focused on his years in showbusiness (yes, he was in Will and Grace…) but Fruit Fly asks the question ‘Do all gay men turn into their mothers?’

To try and answer this, the 58-year-old (“with a little shipping and handling”) delves into his family photo album. You may not think that his (very) early indicators that he might end up preferring the company of other gentlemen have much to do with him being like his mother but the audience lap it up. Baby’s in gay outfits is a winner, it seems. Outrageous stories of gay teen life even more so.

I could listen to Jordan all day long. He’s always got a story (sometimes having to go back because he’s remembered something else even funnier, or going so off track with hilarious tales that he has to talk himself back) and his delivery is a joy.

Does he answer the question? Well that would be a rotten spoiler now, wouldn’t it? And anyway, who cares when getting to the answer is this good? Here’s hoping that Jordan finds a third chapter of his life to make this a trilogy.


Fruit Fly is at The Leicester Square Theatre, London, until 16 March, book tickets here.

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