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She sings!

Carmen Electra has a single out

We like to imagine that one morning, fed up of a bleak winter of spilling champagne on chihuahuas and getting her Laboutins stuck in David Gandy’s underwear, Carmen Electra suddenly sat up in her velvet-clad boudoir of debauchery, blew her hair out of her face, turned to the drag queen vomiting in the fishtank in the corner and said; “Hey Lahondra. Wanna make a music video?”

Model, philanthropist, actress, lifestyle guru, documentary film maker, and author; there’s more than just one string to Carmen’s thong. Renowned in the film industry, she’s exhibited her thespianism in such seminal classics as Whacked! (exclamation mark included), I Want Candy (as Candy), Lil Pimp (direct to DVD), Oy Vey My Son Is Gay (amazing) and 2-Headed Shark Attack (which we can only imagine involved cheap swimwear, amateur puppetry, and several confused and very angry oysters).

Now she’s stamping her indubitably indelible mark on the music industry. She did actually venture into its choppy waters before, with the release of her first (and last) album, the imaginatively titled Carmen Electra, produced by Prince. But it involved rapping and a single called Fantasia Erotica, so let’s just pretend that didn’t happen.

New single I Like It Loud on the other hand, is bloody amazing. Aurally, it’s the pouty illegitimate lovechild of Cascada and Ke$ha. And maybe Fergie if she stumbled into the recording studio after a few too many Malibu and diet cokes. There’s also a heavy, deliciously ineluctable dose of sequin-spattered tack. If America had its own version of Eurovision, where each state put forward an entry, this would be California’s. We dread to think what Alaska’s would be (flash forward to Sarah Palin on a stool with a ukulele, surrounded by slowly spinning elves).

Anyway here it is! The video for Carmen Electra’s I Like It Loud. Overplay it, underplay it, stick on while you’re downing the last of a bottle of wine on the sofa, or in the bath, or on the floor, or whatever. She’ll appreciate it.

NB: Gay rapper Cazwell makes a half-second cameo in the rear-view mirror of Carmen’s limo. See if you can spot him!

Download I Like It Loud here

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