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Barbara Bush is Back Bitches!

With her camptastic new hit Spank...

London's fiery damsel Barbara Bush has released a new dance single called Spank! She likes her songs creamy and catchy with three teaspoons of camp, take a gulp of this:

"Spank! Spank! Spank!" - You can just picture tanned boys in nothing but hi tops and bunny ears boinking along to it on Barcelona rooftops. Or maybe that's just us getting carried away with our Monday morning hornover?

Spank's chunky electro beat was mixed by DJ Little Rob. Together with mad Babs they go by the name Project B. In recent years Barbara's released with various insane songs like Disco Dollies, The Burning Bush and even a cover of Wamdue Project's King Of My Castle. With this single Spank we see a new underground side of Barbara. It's infectious synth loop and camp sax it looks will no doubt whip up some excitement in the poppers mist of Mykonos, Sitges and Gran Canaria.

Filmed onsite at producer Scott Houzet's BarbieKen studios (in Barbican - get it), the video sees Barbara zipped-up to the hilt in a tasty PVC suit, getting the living daylights spanked out of her!

Gay Times were present at the all-day shoot, drinking half pints of Martini Asti, patting the crew's dogs and generally just getting high on hairspray while Barbara marched around cackling a lot with a bottle of Malibu firmly wedged under her arm.

The video features three icons of the London gay scene supporting the Bushster too:

Playing the distinguished role of an adult baby is none other than DJ Troy Turner who you might recognise from the gay scene's twinkling graveyard The Quebec. Bear-ing all in a giant nappy Troy startled tourists and stopped busybody businessmen dead in their tracks when he waded out onto the cold London streets to film the chase scene.

Also in the video we see rising star Vanity Von Glow. Despite being a pianist and singer herself, on this occasion Vanity's task was to provide 80s shtick and glamour. Her impossibly long Broadway legs came in use for the chase scene too. Vanity brought enough shoes to last a year to the shoot, saying "You just never know which ones will work best until the last moment" in her sweet Scottish accent.

The final Bush minion is foxy celesbian Laura Harding. Like Sarah Harding, but with some vocal talent, Laura provided the backing vocals for Spank. Rocking a yellow tutu, it was good fun chatting to cheerful Laura as she stomped around the place in some animal print wedge heels.

Whether it's Barbaa, Troy, Laura or Vanity - there's definitely an Oscar nomination in this video somewhere. Also, beating around the Bush with a cold white hand we see a rare performance from Vanity out of drag giving Barbara a good spanking as his male sub-ego Thom Glow. She scrubs up quite nicely as a boy eh!

So after three listens and a bit of a wheelie chair wiggle and a giggle, we have to say Spank is pretty darn catchy. It's a pity the BBC didn't consider Barbara for our Eurovision entry - can you imagine? The gays would go wild! I can just imagine Sweden's chubby little Robin Stjernberg bent over a barrel, spread eagle, while Bonnie Tyler puts on her driving gloves.

According to Barbara's team there will be another two singles to follow-up Spank and then a full-on Barbara Bush family-bucket spanking hot album come summer. So - it's going to be a long hot summer of Barbara Bush! Knickers around your thighs please boys, let's get spanking!

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