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Men Rock

Macho, macho man...

We know men rock in the literal sense – or we certainly wouldn't be sat working on a magazine for gentlemen who prefer the company of other gentlemen – but we're *actually* talking about a new company called Men Rock.

See, we thought we were more of a Mrs Lovett, but it turns out with this little lot you can be your very own Sweeney Todd. Without the songs, the pies and err, the murders.

We digress. Men Rock is a British company who've launched a traditional shaving and grooming line which – in their own words – they claims is 'quite good actually'. Well, you can't say fairer than that. At least they're not backwards in coming forwards. And it is quite good. Very good in fact.

We're talking straight razors here. Kinda sexy, right?

They offer complete kits – in rather sexy-feeling boxes – that include a razor, brush, stand, shaving cream and 'some other luxury bits'. We go lovehearts and some sticky plasters too, but that might be because we're special.

There's lots of sets and accessories on offer over at their website.

And why not follow them on Twitter?

We also love the fact that Men Rock's founder, Paul Johnson, says that he's the potential next Pope. At least we know he'll look smart in the role.

*goes back to baking pies*

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