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Chris Mears is getting his kit off (again)

He's clearly developed a taste for it...

Diving is probably our favourite sport. Maybe followed by wrestling. And rugby, when they start mounting each other in those tackles. It's uncanny how similar these matcho sports are to a GT Friday night out. All those rugged short shorted men covered in sweat clambering on top of each other…

But our favourite of favourites is diving. Like every other red blooded man that's ever been attracted to another man (and likely every woman) we have a massive soft spot (*ahem*) for diving supremos Tom Daley and Chris Mears. Even in spite of ITV's Splash! (what was that about?) watching diving remains a dreamy way to spend the day. Any sport that is basically ripped twinks jumping into a pool has our backing.

This April is the FINA/Midea world series diving finals. The competition sees the world's best divers compete in Beijing, Dubai, Mexico City and, lucky for us, Edinburgh! Chris Mears will be amongst the competitors in Edinburgh, stripping off and diving in for our viewing pleasure.

It's not the first time Chris has stripped off, of course. He exposed all for our Naked Issue last month and boy did we like what we saw. We also liked what we heard, when he told GT all about his Twitter intrigue in gay foursomes, and why sport does't do enough to tackle homophobia. 

Want even better news? There are still tickets available to see him, and others, in Edinburgh! You can pick them up from the FINA website, and they're only £8. That's right, See Chris Mears in the flesh for £8! Click here, girls.

Oh, and it would be rude to talk about diving without watching this again:

Words: Benjamin Butterworth / @benjaminbutter

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