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Review: Anton and Erin Go To Hollywood

Pushing the boundaries of camp

We’re big fans of Strictly at GT. What’s not to love about muscly blokes in tight shirts gallivanting around for an hour every Saturday night? I mean, do you remember our Robin Windsor pics? Phwoar. If you haven’t seen them, you should get it on our back catalogue immediately. Phwoaaaaar.

Amongst all these sexy Salsa-ers is the biggest devil of them all... Anton Du Beke. OK, maybe he isn’t the obvious choice. But for a man of 46 he is looking well. And he’s now back, alongside his dancing partner of sixteen years, Erin Boag, in a national tour of camp fruitiness.

As we wrote in last month’s Stage Previews, Anton and Erin Go To Hollywood has a truck load of sequins and skimpy outfits - and that’s just Anton (“LOL”) Erin, who proves 37 is the new 27, has some pretty sensational outfits on show, and it’s pretty obvious those in the audience who go for that kind of thing were enjoying the display.

The show has many of the Hollywood classics - including Gypsy, Brigadoon and everyone’s favourites from James Bond. It’s hard to go wrong with such timeless songs and dances, but at times this show does feel like it’s giving going wrong its best shot. Its staging consisted of some kind of cardboard modesty board, and one performance in particular had the backing dancers utterly out-of-time with Du Beke. There were points when we really needed a copy of GT to cover our eyes.

Having said that, this show has some real charm. They’ve got a 25-piece orchestra, and genuinely excellent live vocals from Lance Ellington (the guy who sings on Strictly). Oh, and you don't actually have to go to Hollywood to watch it. We just went to Croydon.

Seeing those as camp as a row of pink tents sat alongside grandparents with multiple generations of their family is testament to the show’s broad appeal. The lucky lady sat behind GT was there for her 90th birthday, and she was lovin’ her a bit of Anton! The mucky pup.

We give it a 3/5.

If you want to re-live Strictly and its classics, Anton and Erin Go To Hollywood runs until 17 March on a nationwide tour. Tickets are available here

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Words: Benjamin Butterworth

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