Comic moment

The annual London Super Comic Con at London Excel Centre was epic.

If geek is your kink, and fit lads in lycra is your idea of a good time you’ll be dead jealous where we spent the weekend.

Probably the best thing about these events is that everyone comes. The publishers, the artists, the writers, the fans. From top down exciting sneak peeks of new releases are revealed.

Among dozens of writers and artists from the UK, Spotlight Guests included Gorge Perez (Wonder Woman, Infinity Gauntlet) Neal Adams (Batman, X-men and Green Lantern) and J Scott Campbell, (Avengers vs. X-Men, and All New X-Men). Chocked full of nerdy excitement with expert panels and fan vs writer forums our highlight by far was the cosplay costume competition. Where the incredibly buff or incredibly brave slap on the spandex (more than one presenting Peter Parker got our Spider-Sense tingling).

Also, where else can you be served comic books by Magneto? Also on sale were artist sketches, the latest graphic novels, toys and memorabilia and the chance to meet the talent that puts what you love on the page.

Words: Shawn Mitchell

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