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Show us the Evidence

We look at John Foxx and the Maths' latest album, Evidence.

Now on his third Benge/The Maths collaboration, Foxx is maturing. Subtlety and ambience is the thing here. Evidence is a title that begs you to scrutinise, which is necessary: the details inside each tune can be very fine and subtle.

The album works on many levels, with detailed, finely calibrated dance beats as the backbone to seemingly repetitive melodies. But the former Ultravox lead singer is a complex polymath. Writer. Graphic artist and musician. From a brief opening soundscape to the opening title song, we are entering microcosms. We travel through collaborators: The Soft Moon, Xeno & Oaklander, Matthew Dear, Gazelle Twin and Tara Busch all mix and contribute a tune each. It is a line up that bears witness to who John Foxx is.

It’s a studied work. In we go, again, into the huge Moog modular in Benge’s Hoxton studio that they have based the album around. He’s been using Moog for a very long time. John’s trademark lyrics don’t disappoint either... you will be up all night for a long time decoding them. He treats his voice a lot and adds to the textures... you will be a long time differentiating them too.

Some could easily dismiss the album because they don’t give it enough attention, but it needs scrutiny to work. Then you see why he's retained a cult fanbase for over 30 years. This garden of seemingly straightforward songs is nothing of the sort; it’s an analogue world of shifting details. The question is, can you read and perceive? The Evidence is far more sophisticated and revealing the more you listen. Give it some detailed inspection.


Check out John Foxx's classic electro hit Burning Car below.

Evidence is available now at £9.99.

John Foxx performs at The Showroom, London, March 7 & 16, and supports Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark on their English Electric tour April

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