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Fancy Princess Di frock!

Iconic Princess dress goes under the hammer...

It goes without say that we love fancy dresses (we love wearing them too) but we doubt we could afford any of these posh frocks. Unless a lottery win has befallen you, or a wonderfully rich oligarch has swept you off your feet (yes, still dreaming), it's unlikely you're gonna drag up in these. Still, for the likely price of a respectable house, by the end of the day an iconic Princess Diana dress could be yours. Just imagine!

Kerry Taylor Auctions has been charged with conducting the sale of ten of the most famous of the Princess of Wales’ dresses. 16 years after her tragic death, the Princess of Wales still hasn't been replaced as our favourite camp royal icon (sorry Kate: try harder).

The lot has been sent over from America for auction and any Diana memorabilia collectors are in for a treat. For example, an evening gown, that Princess Di wore on a state visit to India, is estimated to go for between £80-120,000. So you probably wouldn't want to wear it down the Admiral Duncan.

Perhaps the most important item is the midnight blue velvet gown (picture above) that the beautiful Diana displayed to a state dinner at the White House, given in her honour by President and Mrs Reagan in November 1985. It is truly stunning. Her confidence in wearing it even inspired a famous 20 minute after dinner waltz with a subsequently dazzled John Travolta. Estimates range between £20-200,000 for that one.

Do you think they'll have some more in Primark?

The Auction is March 19, with viewings March 17-19.

Words: Tom Deveson

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