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Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Radio 1 Extra looks at coming out in 21st Century Britain.

Adele Roberts, DJ and former Big Brother babe (and no stranger to the difficulties of coming out young) will front an hour long documentary about coming out.

Union J gay Jaymi Hensley, who came out whilst appearing on the last series of X Factor, throws in his tuppence worth. Good for him. Still, it’s a shame we can only finish off our, err, weekend by listening to Jaymi – and not watching him, intensely, on a screen, with our jaws to the floor. Ears to the radio it is, then.

Adele will also take a look at fellow GT favourite Frank Ocean, and other stars. The glitz and glamour is mixed with real life interviews too, all with a different story to tell; all with similar concerns, fears and questions about coming out.

If this special documentary gives just one person the confidence to confront their fears and confide in someone (and, you know, come out, waving a pink feather boa and screeching I Am What I Am) then it’s got to be worth an hour of airtime. We’ll just be listening for embarrassing anecdotes, though.

Radio 1Xtra Stories: Coming Out airs February 24, 9-10pm on Radio 1Xtra.

Words: Tom Deveson, Paris Lees

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