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Alison Moyet: Changeling

*Alison Moyet alert*

Last Saturday night we had one of those “Oh yeah, Alison Moyet!” moments while listening to the Supreme Fabulettes cover All Cried Out. Today we’re having another – as Alison’s just announced she’s releasing a new album. And new single. With a free download. Calm. The fuck. Down. Dears.

Changeling is the first track from ‘the minutes’ and you can download it for free from ‘the minutes’, her first album in 6 years, has elements of pop, club sounds, R&B and electronica. It’s produced by Guy Sigsworth – who’s also worked his magic on the likes of Madonna, Robyn and Bjork.

“I avoided listening to anything during the process of writing and recording this album, choosing instead to be lead by my own melodic voice, the one I now find myself with 30-years-in”, says Alison. “Guy Sigsworth returns me to a programmer's world and marries it with perfect musicality. I have been waiting for him. We have made an album mindless of industry mores that apply to middle-aged women and have shunned all talk of audiences, demographics and advert jazz covers."

This is why we love you Alison.

And this.

Words: Paris Lees

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