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What is NEO-WALTZ?

Adamski Launches a new electro genre in East London.

Thursday will see the birth of a new electro genre in East London called Neo-Waltz. We caught up with our old pal LadyPat to find out what's going on...

First things first though - Adamski's back! We all remember Adamski from his smash 1990 hit 'Killer'. He's the cute kid in the cap and fur coat, the one who isn't Seal.

Following early success at a young age Adamski moved onto new projects including a 1980s punk band called Diskord Datkord. In the noughties the dance act ATB re-released his song 'Killer' introducing it to a new generation. 23 years later Adamski is back and this time he's brought a new musical genre with him.

Inspired by waltzing, itself a dance genre that was considered too overtly sexual and controversial when it took off in the 1780s, Adamski is launching "Neo-Waltz". If you're struggling to imagine it you can have a listen to some of his neo-waltz beats over here.

To launch the genre he is collaborating with Viktoria Modesta (the snow queen from last summer's Paralympics) to host a Neo-Waltz Ball in East London this Thursday. The perfect "micro-clubbing" event to take a date to, or possibly even your mother. Doing the visuals for the ball will be renowned visuals architect and Gay Times favourite LadyPat (pictured). We caught up with him for a chat.

LadyPat! Tell us more about this Neo-Waltz Ball...

Yes! So it's in a beautiful east end dance hall, with a huge screen where there'll be prominent visuals. At 7.30 there'll be a free waltzing lesson...

That's insane

...and DJ Richard Torry will be playing some avant-garde waltz sounds. There's an act on call Triptick, who are identical triplets. And then Adamski will be on from 9, with four guest vocalists including Viktoria and Rowdy Superstar.

Since we last spoke you've been working with Boy George, how did you guys meet?

I met Boy George at a night called Nag Nag Nag, I used to make a lot of music videos for people on that scene. One day Boy George just rang me up, he'd seen my stuff and he liked it. That's the power of the internet!

You've also worked with gay scene demi-gods like Jodie Harsh and Boogaloo Stu...

I love both of those guys.

If Jodie and Boog had a child what would it be like?

Oh my god. Very willed, very flambuoyant, with no off-button for creativity. They must be the hardest working people on the scene, their child would just invent a new universe and we would all live in it. Talking of Boog, look out for my new promo for him - it'll be called Magic Soul.

Talking of a new universe, you were originally from the Isle of Wight right?

Ha, yes - I could barely bring myself to utter those words for many years. Now, thanks to festivals it's not such a bad place to spring from I guess.

So, 7.30, Thursday at Hoxton Hall right?

That's right! A historic music hall in the heart of East London, some amazing talent and the birth of a new genre - see you there! Advanced tickets are only £7 too, it's going to be very fun.

Adamski's going to be there - we're already sold!

For more information, including a fully hyperlinked history of the waltz in pop music, visit

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