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Review: The Supreme Fabulettes

Drag Diary #30

There are many ways to kill time in central London at the weekend (and lord knows we’ve tried them all) but none so glamorous as having the Supreme Fabulettes entertain you. And we mean entertain, in the good old-fashioned sense. They’ve transcended the gay scene to perform at the Leicester Square Theatre and boy did they work it.

The Fabs are dressed by Kylie Minogue's designer Stevie Stewart and directed by William Baker, Kylie’s tour stylist. We’re talking glitz. We’re talking sequins. We’re talking couture dresses you want to snatch from the queens that wear them and wigs that don’t even make sense. How… what… why? We haven’t seen headpieces like this since the Cartoons covered Witch Doctor.

#SupFab is not just about spectacle though. These queens can sing. They’re most at home with 60s vibes – the Supremes, as you might expect, are given most prominence, but modern day Motown pops up to, with nods to Adele and Amy (RIP) Winehouse. Mash ups and close vocal harmonies add to the feel that this is more than your average drag show.

As you might expect, there was ample audience interaction. GT’s pal Ciara was chosen to go on stage and straddle the Fabs' resident hot cowboy Johnny Hazzard. Are you enjoying that, asked Miss Vicky Vivacious. Ciara’s reply? “No, I’m gay!” Awkward.

The girls have charisma but there’s still something a little shy about them, despite the bravado. They’re entering territory where many a high-heeled drag queen may fear to tread… we’d like to see them a little more sure of themselves, as we’re sure they could be.

All in all, the Fabs know how to keep us hanging on. Sold!

The Supreme Fabulettes support Leslie Jordan in Fruit Fly, 12-16 March, followed by their own full show, 16 March, at the Leicester Square Theatre, London

Watch the Boy George-directed clip for A Drag Queen is a Cowboy’s Best Friend below. And look out for our exclusive, behind the scenes report from the video shoot in the next issue of GT!

Photography: Zoe Hunn.

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