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Just Dance

D-inc launch their new range by showing us some new moves.

Making our way to the INC space - an impressive gym/showroom/spa/Fame-style-rehearsal-room/breakfast-bar fusion of a venue, we were kitted out in the latest D-inc range: a hoodie vest (what gay doesn’t love a vest) and some baggy harem pants. Now we know what you’re thinking - at least what men of a certain age are thinking - and that’s MC Hammer. Well, this unisex range comes in tasteful grey and black and they’re surprisingly demur and not the screaming fashion statement you might think. They’re very light and airy, which was to prove useful when ’busting some moves’. There is another range being launched if you do want to make a statement, as the Mrs Jones @ D-inc range was designed by the lady responsible for this iconic hood:

AND she joined in the dance class with us. BB Kaye, one of the dancers leading our warm up was in one of those baggy snoody hoods. They look very good with a dancer’s physique.

For the actual dance class, we were taken through ‘two sets of eight’ for a routine to What’s My Name by Rihanna. We could just about keep up with the moves, and were grateful for the hood to hide in when things got complicated (i.e. moving your arms and legs at the same time in different directions), and the excruciating freestyle moves at the end. Otherwise, we have a killer routine to whip out for the inevitable G-A-Y-Late podium moment.

And, you know what - we would wear harem pants out to a club. Though it’s a dancewear brand, they have designed the clothes to be multi-purpose, and they all have the potential to be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for the gym.

After our workout we had a chat with Aaron Renfree, former GT interview subject, former member of S Club Juniors, current X Factor Live tour dancer and now D-inc brand ambassador. He told us about how Rylan could be getting a custom made D-inc outfit and how close all the five dancers are. We hinted that they should form a band together…. Watch this space.

You can order the range online at and follow them on twitter @dincwear.

Words: Bob Henderson

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