Jack Cullen

The middle Middleton speaks out!

Doris Middleton is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary family…

Two years ago Kate Middleton was simply Prince William’s girlfriend. Fast-forward through a Royal Wedding, a Diamond Jubilee, a world tour, a tit scandal and a pregnancy announcement – she is the most talked about woman on earth, with media interest running on a constant sky high.

On the back of this Royal whirlwind, Kate’s sister Pippa has emerged as a celebrity too. Interest in Pippa soared when global news cameras descended gently on her shapely behind as she clutched the ends of her sister’s glorious McQueen bridal train.

But what about the third sister? The middle Middleton?

Doris has avoided the limelight, preferring a quiet country life of tipping over wheelbarrows and getting stuck in rural ditches. UNTIL NOW.

GT cannot wait to join her on her journey to find love, friendship, inspiration, and herself. And hopefully a bit of a posh boy romp, who knows!

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