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Fair Em

Swords. Tights. Tunics.

Swords. Tights. Tunics. Fancy talk and a well laced bodice or two. It’s like Games of Thrones but without all the magic, monsters and dragons … so … well, we guess it’s like history.

GT were invited for an evening of excellent fringe theatre at The Union in Southwark and we were not disappointed taking a peek at the much contested - some say it was some say it wasn't - Shakespeare collaboration: Fair Em.

Whether or not it happened to be penned by the great man himself, this is a brilliant rarely performed rom-com that sings and dances through the topics of identity theft, young love and how to escape a touchy international incident.

What happens: Attractive aristocratic Em and her sweet but posh papa, disguise themselves as country folk fleeing persecution from William the Conqueror.

But keeping a low profile proves very difficult as men from every station of life keep falling in love with Em…two of whom being WTC's best mates.

The infamous invader has romantic problems of his own, when a bang tidy portrait of a prospective lover (the princess of Denmark) proves just as misleading as a 'model's' photos on instagram.

All round brilliant performances from the entire cast, which is crammed with totty.

Not just incredibly funny, but actually hilarious in places. This troupe of merry mummers seamlessly blend clashing class systems, love stories, politics at court and for its time is magnificently feminist (in a roundabout way).

It’s still in debate if Fair Em is actually a Shakespere play, this modern world premier is an excellent piece of theatre we highly recommend. Four stars and two thumbs up from GT.

Running until Saturday 9 February at The Union Theatre, Southwark, London. Prices: £18, concessions £15

WORDS: Tim MItchell

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