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Diet Coke is so Gay!

Diet Coke turned 30 last night. It had big party. We sent Jack.

Can you believe Diet Coke is 30? That means it only started out when I was starting primary school! No wait. My parents hadn't even met each other. I've had too many vanilla vodka Diet Coke-tails I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that DC is a big deal in the gay community. It's a sparkling drink that goes fantastically with vodka, whiskey and Amaretto AND it's low on calories.

The brand is famous for its ad campaign in which an office block window cleaner takes his top off. And so to celebrate the big 3-0, Diet Coke has made this sexy advert, which is a sequel of sorts.

Diet Coke also threw an wonderfully swank party at the trendy bar Sketch on Conduit Street in London. It was kind of like a big Diet Coke break. Model Andrew Cooper, who stars in their new advert, was present and so we snatched the opportunity to grab a photo with him (that lovely one up there). Andrew was actually quite shy, so I feel privileged.

Also at the party was GT favourite Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and also the incredible songstress Jamelia. Both ladies left quite early though, but that's fine, they have children to look after. As always there was a splatter of Made In Chelsea "stars" and various other scenesters.

HOWEVER. One lady who deserves a proper mention was the soiree's host Hilary Alexander. The famous fashion journalist hosted the Diet Coke party as a personal friend of Jean-Paul Gaultier, who recently launched his own limited edition series of Diet Coke cans. Wearing a vintage Alexander McQueen jacket, a metallic Warehouse dress and some Daddy Long Legs leopard-print trousers, Hilary addressed the crowd making a speech on how Diet Coke has an affinity with high fashion. Donning the sparkling drink as the "ultimate fashion accessory" Hilary outlined the history of the popular soft drink.

Afterwards, stunned by her beautiful jacket, I asked Hilary how she had come across such a rare piece of McQueen, and she confided that she had actually bought the jacket at a fashion sale in Birmingham over fifteen years ago - what a fashion eagle!

With a free bar and thudding house music, plenty more happened at Diet Coke's 30th birthday, but that's all I can remember for now. Search the hashtag #DietCoke30 for more gossip.

Until next time!

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