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The homophobe who turned gay

No one does hard-hitting TV like Channel 4...

Unless you’re really into late night football and soaps, Monday night telly can be a bit, well, shit. Somewhere in between the referee’s whistle and the despair on Ian Beale’s face, serious and thought-provoking viewing got put to the sidelines. Tonight there's an exclusive, late-night film from Channel 4’s new ‘day in the life’ series will be shown.

The film tells the remarkable and heart-warming story of Thabo, a South African man who used to preach against homosexuality, I know what you’re thinking – bastard – but try and hold it in, it gets better (everything always gets better).

Then, while studying in the UK, Thabo falls in love with his best friend. A man. He crosses over. It's fun. Then the time comes when he must return to South Africa and live as a homosexual man, and face a church that is hugely homophobic. The film focuses on change, fear growth and intolerance - it's an astonishing and honest story. See for yourself in the preview below.

Thabo's Choice - TV preview clip from Kip Loades on Vimeo.

Thabo will be shown on Channel 4 tonight as part of The Shooting Gallery at 12.15am.

Words: Luke Gallin

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