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The only way is revenge…

Carrie Underwood is about to teach us a thing or two.

Country isn’t something we dabble in often at GT Towers. But after watching Carrie Underwood singing, swaying, and flinging her – rather irritatingly – immaculately shiny hair all over the Royal Albert Hall last year, we’re sold.

So it was to great joy that we woke up this morning to the video for her new release Two Black Cadillacs. If you’re more into Lana Del Rey-esque theatrics, ie videos spanning over five minutes, a few dramatic pauses thrown in, and scenes giving Tarantino a run for his money, then this should be up your street. If you’re the sort with less of an attention span, the inevitable appearance of the – queue cliché - ‘hot guy’ is worth a look-in.

But easy on the eye is where this boy’s assets end, as Carrie’s ‘hot guy’ is in fact a cheating, two-timing bastard. So what better way to get revenge, than to, well, kill him. Carrie, along with her ally, the other victim of wrong-doing, is fierce-eyed and set on vengeance as she ploughs her Cadillac – that’s a very fancy car to you and I – into the guy’s…well, you can see for yourselves. It’s brutal, it’s dark. It makes Gaga’s Alejandro video look like a Disney movie.

For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Carrie is a huge star over in the States and has sold millions worldwide - fifteen million to be precise. She caused a bit of a storm recently by openly supporting gay marriage (her lot are a bit of a conservative bunch - uh-oh) but stuck to her guns and refused to retract her comment. We love an independent mind.

So there we go. Talented, taking no shit, and down with the gays. Our kind of girl.

Two Black Cadillacs is out now, taken from the album Blown Away.

Words: Daniel Phelan

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