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REVIEW: Gay Bingo

Scene queen and high-heeled pursuer of high-art trash, Jonny Woo, continues to shock and amaze...

In case you didn't know, the number-circling game of bingo features quite low down on this show's list of constant highlights. There's comedy, there's cabaret, there's audience choreography, there's male stripping, props flying through the air, Prosecco flicking and some state-of-the-art bitching.

Jonny is assisted by his two hench stars - the bearded bombshell John Sizzle and the plastic-fantastic pig-nosed slapstick sensation Ma Butcher. The night is called Gay Bingo and its a brand that the trio can be truly proud of. Enjoying a cult following Gay Bingo has popped up at festivals and they even throw a boat-party version biannually. Head-and-shoulders above most of their peers, thanks in part to Christian Louboutin, Sunday's show was as brilliant as ever. Themed around both the Sound of Music and Les Mis, the boys put together a three hour dogs dinner of well-rehearsed witchery punctuated with moments of off-the-cuff perfection.

Taking it in turns to play Maria, fights with suitcases, nunnery sex scenes and Von Trap Nazi perversity ensued. Jonny Woo stunned the audience with a comedic one-man lip-sync rendition of Les Mis. Later John Sizzle fuelled himself with dramatic swigs of audience members' drinks while storming up and town the venue turning Julie Andrews' "Maybe This Time" into his own unique strip joint anthem. There was also a gay foot spa section, details of which I probably shouldn't divulge, and a rendition of Woo's incredible 90s electro flop Switch.

If you've not yet had a slice of the Woo experience then GT seriously recommends you go hunt him out. Whether it's Horsemeat Disco, his Mary Portas impressions on YouTube (watch below), his 4am MC moments at East Bloc, or putting on a show at Soho Theatre with his sidekicks - everything that Jonny Woo touches he turns to gold and then smashes. We love him. Woo-f Woo-f.



Jonny Woo's next Gay Bingo is on the 17th February:

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