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Pop alert: Gabe Lopez

GT’s gone and found a wee baby popstar – young Gabe Lopez.

If you like your As – Avril Lavigne, Adam Lambert and Adele (and you so do), there's every chance you'll go sweet for Gabe too. We have.

Gabe’s been plugging his tunes on YouTube for a few years now, but his latest single, Boomerang, has garnered unprecedented radio coverage. No wonder – the boy’s got a pair of lungs on him and the production’s easy on the ear. And it’s as catchy-feel-good as they come.

Plus he’s of the gay persuasion. What more could you ask for?

Check out his new single Red Light, plus his previous pop forays, below.

And don’t forget to visit Gabe’s YouTube channel. If You Could Stop Time is definitely worth your time and we’re particularly keen on Red Queen, below…

How has he remained a secret for so long?

Words: Paris Lees

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