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NEW LONDON SHOW: Crimplene Millionaire!

Meet the latest character on London's gay scene, terrifying quiz show host Derek Daniels!

He may look like a pederast from Narnia, but don't be shy, Derek's dentures don't bite. He's a crimplene-clad light entertainer from the 70s and he's going to be shaking up south London next month with his new game show Crimplene Millionaire. The much-anticipated return will take the form of a performance at the Oval House in Kennington. The host Derek Daniels (pictured) will move pieces around the stage to create a giant board game spectacle based around subculture, political tension and pop music. The audience have the option of being involved, but we've been assured that there'll be no inappropriate salivating.

(For any youngsters wondering what crimplene is, it is an an artificial fiber invented in the 1950s that became a popular clothing fabric in the latter half of the 20th century. It's named after the Crimple Valley in Yorkshire. So now you know!)

Crimplene Millionaire is part of five new commissions for a season called "Counterculture 50" at the Ovalhouse to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

And yes, if you were wondering where you've seen Derek Daniel's staring eyes before, he is indeed played by the notorious scenester, superstar DJ, fallen angel of planet fashion, semi-senescent cool kid, vadgeteria entrepreneur and most wanted mafia ring licker in Brighton, the bonerable Boogaloo Stu.

Having attended Boogaloo's previous shows Pop Magic, Lolgasm and Shinky Shonky we can guarantee a fantastically pop-indulgent good time!

Crimplene Millionaire's run is for one week only (Tuesday 5 Feb - Saturday 9 Feb) so make sure to book your tickets now. See you there!

PS Fans of Shinky Shonky, the Boogaloo Stu-hosted night that was formerly held at KU Bar in Soho, will be pleased to know that it night will be making a comeback shortly at Camden's Black Cap.

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