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The times our world really has ended

Here's the top five times our world really has ended

The Mayans have been telling us the world will end today for a while. The
Australian Prime Minister even created a YouTube sensation with her video
declaring the end was nigh. The weather app was predicting '999
degrees' for today - i.e. the pits of hell. Though as gays we've
known for a while we're all going to hell: it's a place full of homosexuals
and whores. Which sounds pretty much like a standard Friday.

A lot of people are saying the world hasn't ended - which has its perks,
as (plug alert) there's a great copy of GT out 27 December. Now they say
your life flashes before you when the end of the world comes. Which for us
would basically be a power-point of naked Ben Cohen photos playing to a
Kylie anthem.

So here's the top five times our world really has ended:

Cher's last tour
Cher is a definite homo hero. In fact she loves the gays almost as much as
she loves a farewell tour. We're not sure which final tour this is from,
but it's fabulous

This is still pretty painful. Geri leaves the Spice Girls

Peggy leaves Eastenders
Our east end queen (this one is pretty emosh)

Kim Kardashian's divorce
We never really believed this one - the Macarana was number 1 longer than
Kim Kardahian was married. But it was all so cringe we wished the world had

Prince Harry naked
We were basically ready to curl up and die happy after these pics emerged. There isn't really any greater fulfillment in life than seeing a nudey Harry.

Words:Benjamin Butterworth/@benjaminbutter

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