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Christmas with The Supreme Fabulettes

Glittery and glamorous fun with The Supreme Fabulettes

Fabulous frocks, funny stories and fantastic vocals make ‘Christmas with The Supreme Fabulettes’ a great festive treat.

Miss Vanilla Lush, Miss Vicki Vivacious and Miss Maddison Lee thrill the audience with their own uniquely kitsch take on pop classics and old school motown girl group numbers. They rattle through increasingly spectacular vocal harmonies and solo performances, accompanied by well-choreographed dance routines punctuated by light-hearted banter alongside some equally impressive costume changes.

As solo performers, each of the Fabulettes are outstanding, but it’s when they come together for their vocal harmonies that they truly shine. Maddison Lee has great power to her voice, Vicki Vivacious has true elegance and talent, while Vanilla Lush employs a wonderful mix of comedic talents and singing prowess.

The audience are encouraged to join in and join in they do – clapping, singing and dancing to each new song. There’s a mix of Christmas tunes, dance tracks and ever popular camp classic numbers. One of the many highlights has to be Miss Vanilla Lush singing an exceptional performance of ‘The Crying Game’, which then gets mixed together with ‘All Cried Out’ and Kylie’s ‘Stay’ when Vanilla and Maddie join her for the mash-up. The same treatment is given to Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ and Tina Turner’s ‘Proud Mary’. The effect is just brilliant and there’s obviously been a lot of effort put into getting the arrangement just right – that effort pays off in bucket loads.

And The Supreme Fabulettes don’t just spend their time on stage – they’re in the audience handing out mince pies, squirting cream and generally enjoying themselves with the cute boys in the crowd.

There’s even a great cartoon that gets played on screens to the side of the stage (to provide time for the Fabulettes to change into yet another set of outfits), which has the trio shown in the style of Charlie’s Angels who come to the aid of Father Christmas when the elves fall asleep and need entertaining with a couple of songs. Thank God that The Supreme Fabulettes are there to save Christmas!

Everything gets finished off with The Supreme Fabulette’s single, ‘You Ruined My Christmas’ and the audience leaves happy, singing and generally feeling festive. It’s a shame that this show was a one off this time round – it could easily become a Christmas regular on the cabaret circuit.


Christmas with The Supreme Fabulettes at Leicester Square Theatre, London WC2, The Supreme Fabulettes

Words: Matthew Christian

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