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Walking in the air…

Well, on a cloud to be precise

It wouldn’t be Christmas without our annual hungover write-up the day after the Doctor Who Christmas special press launch. And oh what a special it is (and oh what a hangover, but we’ll get to that later).

One word to describe The Snowmen? Magical.

Another? Oh go on then – hilarious.

And fantastic and brilliant and sad and generally just bloody ace.

It’s also probably going to leave loads of kids completely MESSED UP after watching savage killer snowmen eat people alive at 5.15 on Christmas Day. Steven Moffat – we applaud you sir.

Doctor Who is absolutely at its best when putting terror into an everyday object, and snow that comes alive in a sinister way (rather than taking you to dance with penguins or such) pushes those buttons perfectly.

Without further ado – a generally spoiler-free summary:

It’s Victorian London. Some time has passed since the Doctor lost Amy and Rory and he’s turned his back on helping people, instead choosing to live in his TARDIS which is parked on top of a cloud. He’s most definitely not sulking though.

Some former allies – Vastra, Jenny and Strax – are trying to tempt him out of his self-imposed retirement. Again, pause for applause for Mr Moffat – if ever there was a group of characters deserving of a spin-off then it’s these three. We laughed so hard that at points we were getting dirty looks. And of course we love the fact that there’s a married lesbian couple romping around Victorian London solving crimes (with a Sontaran) – why wouldn’t we? But it’s when the Doctor meets a feisty barmaid called Clara that everything changes…

This is not only one of the best Doctor Who Christmas specials – and we’ve been watching them all week to remind ourselves – but one of the best episodes ever and full of great moments. It feels like Doctor Who’s going to be utterly brilliant again in its 50th anniversary year.

So what’s been reported that we can actually talk about?

New TARDIS? Yes, it’s *slightly* different on the outside but significantly different on the inside. It’s very 80s sci-fi, a bit Star Trek, very ‘classic’ Doctor Who – but most importantly it goes back to it being an alien spaceship, and away from the quirky/organic more whimsical TARDIS interiors of recent years. Do we love it? Yes.

New theme tune? Yes. Well, a slightly different arrangement.

New title sequence? Yes. Utterly bonkers and brilliant with nods to the classic series. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

New outfit for the Doctor? Yes, and hopefully it’s not just because he’s in the Victorian era in this episode.

New companion? Yes. Jenna-Louise Coleman is a joy as Clara. The chemistry between her and Matt Smith is fantastic. Is it explained why she also appeared in Asylum of the Daleks? Oh come on, like we’d give that away.
Is there a trailer for the new series at the end? Yes and very bloody exciting it is too. Some familiar faces and some old enemies… You’ll have to wait until April for those though.

As if all that wasn’t enough to take in, there was a Q&A after the screening (which will be going on the Doctor Who website soon) in which Steven Moffat said about plans for the 50th anniversary in November 2013: “We’re going to take over your telly.”

Bring. It. On.

Cue the sound of the TARDIS engines and the screen went up to reveal the TARDIS on a cloud (in reality the studio floor covered in dry ice), Christmas nibbles and wine. And that explains where we came in, with the hangover.

And we still ended the night with a glass of Amaretto watching episode two of The Box of Delights….

Doctor Who: The Snowmen is on BBC One, Christmas Day at 5.15pm, and BBC iPlayer

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