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Olympian Greg Rutherford

gets cheeky for charity

Last weekend gold medal winning long-jumper Greg Rutherford bravely stripped off for his fans in a life drawing class arranged by Groupon to raise awareness of testicular cancer and support the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign. GT Magazine was invited to put our art skills to the test, and caught up with the Olympian before he popped in to his birthday suit.

Are you nervous about stripping off?

I'm more nervous about how I'm going to look in the drawings. End of the day, in track and field, you have to get your kit off nearly all the time. I jump in a vest and a pair of lycra shorts and at times you can have thousands upon thousands of people staring at you. You block it out, so I'm doing exactly the same thing here. I just hope it's not cold up there [in the studio].

Will you be completely starkers or are you wearing pants?

I'm wearing trunks rather than pants. I've got too bigger quads and bum so we're going with trunks over pants. Don't want anything popping out. 

We can’t draw and are slightly worried about offending you… 

If in doubt go big. That’s the motto for today! [Greg laughs before Tweeting: #ifindoubtgobig]

We always do! So, how important was it for you to get involved with the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign?

Very important for me because I've got a very close friend who's in remission now from testicular cancer, so it's hugely important. Detecting the signs early enough is the key message in making people more aware. Often with blokes they're not particularly keen to, first of all, talk about their bits and bobs, and secondly, go and have someone inspect them. So if guys can figure out the early signs themselves then… it can save your life.

And what a great way to raise awareness!

It's quite fitting! Whack some clothes off. It's a great collaboration between Groupon and the MCAC - it's a great idea.

You must have been practising your poses for this, so have you got a ‘Heart of the Ocean’ necklace in case it turns a bit ‘Titanic’?

I’ve got the Gold medal!

Of course you do! Do you take it with you everywhere?

It's here today, but I hide it in different parts of my house. The problem is, as soon as I won it everybody went to me “well, you know someone's going to break into your house and nick it”, and I was like, “great!” - so now I've got that engrained in me I have to move it around the house and hide it.

But we know you have a couple of adorable guard dogs…

[Greg shows GT a picture of his dogs]
That's Murphy and that's Dexter - they're five and a half now. They are like my absolute life. Murphy's a bit fatter and generally naughty, and Dexter's my shadow, so everywhere I go there's Dexter behind me. 

What are you getting them for Christmas?

I'm still not sure, but I'm probably going to dress them up. They get ridiculous meals on their birthday and for Christmas. I go and buy them all the different meats, cook it all up, chop it up, fill their bowls, and that's like, for them the most amazing thing in the world. 

If you dress them up you should buy an outfit that matches their outfits and do a properly posed Christmas photo!

Brilliant! That is brilliant! I am actually going to do that. I am actually genuinely going to do that. There will be a company that does matching style outfits, I'm sure. They can have a medal each as well. 

Amazing! Promise to Tweet us a photo… we bet it’d get A LOT of retweets… 

It would!

To see whether or not the Xmas matching outfits happen follow Greg on Twitter @GregJRutherford

The Male Cancer Awareness Campaign is one of the UK’s most innovative charities and their aim is to raise awareness of the symptoms of male cancer and remove the ‘culture of embarrassment’ often associated with these diseases. To find out more about this fantastic cause please visit

Words: Rob Holley & Harry Clayton-Wright

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