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Take the midnight train to Georgia.

Via Notting Hill.

Colchis restaurant located in the heart of Notting Hill boasts a menu of fine Georgian cuisine. And if you fancy a glass of vino to compliment your Khinkali (that's Georgian dumplings to you and I) then you're sure to find one amongst the list of 150 wines.

GT popped along as Colchis celebrated it's first anniversary. On arrival we met a happy host who post hugs and kisses supplied fabulous glasses filled with Georgian goodness. She mingled with the crowd and her smiles reflected upon the staff making the party-goers feeling more than welcome. With it's top notch location and swarve surroundings you would think the restaurant would look lavishly pretentious. Surprisingly the décor is minimal and homely but still remains completely chic. This accompanied with soft lighting and seats by candle light creates a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Therefore those who can't really afford the multi million pound apartments opposite won't feel out of place. With that said we totes did feel like we were in an episode of Made In Chelsea darling. Cute waiters served samples of the à la Carte menu, while tasting Georgia we feasted upon grilled lamb cutlets, roasted chicken on a stick, blue cheese vol-au-vents and dumplings filled with minced beef and pork. Whilst Georgian cuisine is known for it's spiced selection of meats, fish and vegetables, our favourite dish was without doubt the Khachapuri. Diamond shaped fluffy bread filled with melt in the mouth cheese.

Soaking in the culture guests were entertainment by Georgian singers. As they sang us a peaceful Christmas party-goers clapped along joyously. Even though they probably didn't know what was being said it was the perfect entertainment for the soirée. The celebrations were topped off when a roast suckling pig (Gochi) was revealed. Usually pleased with birthday spongecake, it was a great end to experience cultural cuisine at this homely London location. We urgently need to go back. Our attempts at recreating the cheese bread with a tub of Dairylea and a pack of Warburtons isn't happening.

Words: Benjamin Spence

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