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Baby It’s Christmas!

How about pulling a cracker?

And by that we obviously mean the amazing Hit Factory Live Christmas Cracker. Yes, it’s long overdue but the postponed show from the summer finally takes to the stage (indoors, thankfully) on Friday 21 December.

The classic celebration of all things Stock Aitken Waterman and PWL comes to the 02 for one night only next Friday. We may have lost Sybil to the rescheduling (when she’s good and ready, she’ll tell us the time and not one minute sooner) but we can confirm that the Kylie and Jason duet on Especially For You is GO. We repeat, the Kylie and Jason duet is GO.

NOW – if we could just stop for a second and put out a personal plea to Kylie, or Kylie’s people, or anyone who happens to pass her in the street. Please get up there and do What Do I Have To Do. Yes, people love Especially For You, yes, it’s one of the biggest songs ever or something but the actual FANS of PWL want to hear a couple of the Kylie classics. What better way to end K25? (And if you can throw in What Kind Of Fool, well, we’d probably claw off one of our faces)

ANYWAY. Enough of such things. Back to the Christmas Cracker. Lord knows what Sinitta will be wearing (actually, we’ve had a sneak peek at the programme and there’s an AMAZING picture of Snit in there). What’s Pete Burns going to get up to? Will Sonia close her eyes and count to ten, before she falls in love again? Will Bananarama remember the routine to I Heard A Rumour?


And we’re going to be screaming our bloody lungs out.

Ticket details are here but we’ve also got a pair to give away over here.


100x more amazing than Especially For You.

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