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A Survivor Is Born.

They’ve tried to re-invent Lara Croft more times than Madonna but they never quite seem to get it right.

She’s been on the scene since 1996 and ushered the digital world into a new state of play. When we first laid our eyes on the 32-bit 3D heroine we had no idea that she would go on to be the digital face of a global brand which has since spawned two Hollywood movies, nine sequels, with a tenth currently in the works, and become a global sex symbol.

She is of course the one and only Lara Croft and now she’s back and well, more vulnerable than ever. The franchise, which is under the new direction of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, is currently in the middle of their Tomb Raider series revamp.

The latest in the long line of games will see Lara taken back to her roots. The fresh faced 21 year old is fresh out of school and seeking adventure. She certainly gets her wish when at sea her ship – aptly name The Endurance of all things – is caught in a storm and quickly sinks leaving a terrified Croft and other survivors abandoned on an isolated island in the Dragons Triangle.

What Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have made clear is that this is a survival story. It’s the story of a young girl thrown out of her comfort zone and being forced to grow into the gun totting heroine we all know and love.

In the latest trailer to be released we can see the distress the young croft faces as she struggles with the harsh terrain of the island, the realisation that she may perish and her struggle to survive. For the first time as well we also see her transitioning into the Tomb Raider we know that seemingly fears nothing.

The vocal delivery of Camilla Luddington just add to the overall effect of fear that is supposedly felt by the young Lara to the degree where you can feel the goosebumps rising on your own skin.

The trailer ends with a defiant monologue from Croft in which she states; “If I don’t survive, none of us will.”

This helps to bring the trailer to the close and plays on a little tongue in cheek at the idea that if this revamp doesn’t save Lara Crofts virtual standing then there’s no hope for her or other classics games trying to survive in the new console era.

We can only hope though that Square Enix knows what its doing and we can only wait with bated breath for March when we will finally get our hands on Ms Croft and her newly found vulnerable side.

Words: Ross Fingland

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