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Feline fun as Seussical hits the stage

“The defendant has been charged with talking to a speck, disturbing the peace, and loitering on an egg”

When the lights go down at the intimate Arts theatre the excitement immediately builds. “The magic is about to happen” we overhear someone whisper. And it certainly did.

We meet our storyteller, the camp cat in the hat who leads opening number Think About Seus and our inner child starts uncontrollably smiling. Seussical combines classic Dr Seus tales as we follow JoJo's imaginative adventure through the world of Horton Hears a Who. The delicious David Hunter from ITV's Superstar plays Horton the elephant who is mocked by other jungle members that don't believe in Whoville. Standard day to day dilemma.

“Horton has found us, put us on a clover. But our troubles are far from over” states the mayor of Whoville. As the story develops we meet the loveable Gertrude McFuzz, a bird with a one feather tail who longs for Hortons affections. We also meet the mischievous Amazing Mayzie, a gang of villain monkeys, oh and a diva kangaroo is thrown in for good measure too.

You will be fooled by the simple set at the beginning, but the actors from Sell A Door Theatre Company put such energy into their performances that the story’s locations are transferable and believable. Our favourite number was Anythings Possible an aquatic scene featuring a bath and synchronised swimming fish aka boys mincing around in glittery shower caps. With that said all songs put together by Tony Award winners Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Aherns are catchy and foot tapping for both children and big kids alike.

There are plenty of adult jokes throughout too that will even make the grumpy grinches in the audience laugh out loud. One character that the cat plays is named Doctor Dick, enough said. A fantastic Glee-esk closing number makes it impossible to leave the theatre without being in a overly joyous mood.

Seussical plays until Jan 6th and you can buy tickets here. @Seussical_LDN

Words: Benjamin Spence
Photo: Darren Bell

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