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Brett Gleason shows off his Calculated side in new video.

What is there to say about Brett Gleason? Other than he plays all the instruments in his work, produces and mixes it all, and is a dab hand on a pair of rollerblades. The Brooklyn based out artist has recently released his latest work entitled Calculated. It marks a change for Gleason who has toned it down to create a softer, more melodic piece with simple yet pointed lyrics. It’s always impressive to see an artist that can remove themselves from one style and move seamlessly into another, and he does this convincingly.

Calculated is a clever song in that it uses its intriguing lyrics to give real depth to the piece. The more times you hit that repeat button, the more the song will open up, blossom and reveal its deeper meanings. But it is still a song that will get your head bobbing in time to the beat, which is almost metronomic, mimicking the video’s progression through the day’s activities…and yes that does include playing the piano in a boardroom, which we certainly think would brighten up any meeting.

In all, a great song by a brilliant all round out rocker who is certainly one to watch.

You can get your own copy of Calculated on iTunes .

Words: Chris Cooper
Photo: Walt Cessna

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