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Merrie Hell

The Anti-Christ(mas) that is David Holye is all singing and all dancing. Will bells on.

If you're not familiar with Ms Hoyle, then you're in for a particularly grisly festive treat with his latest show, Merrie Hell. David Hoyle has always had a destructively creative relationship with Christmas, one that births (or aborts) deformed children such as this:

Though he's lost his divinity, he's still rocking the same look. As his one hour (two man) show romps through all original material at the downstairs Soho Theatre ("closer to hell!") he pulls out all the stops, tap dancing, modern dancing and barking his way through what is essentially a piano revue.

His pianist and partner in crime Richard Thomas needs no introduction (but if he does, it would be a shouted list – Anna Nicole the Opera! Shoes! Jerry Springer The Opera! All round hot gentleman!) and provided immaculate singing, piano playing and comedy prompts, feeding David lines and generally stopping the show from careering into a senseless rant and explosion of Hoyle bile.

As someone who hate Christmas, this was a heavenly evening of scathing cynicism, religion baiting and toe tapping tunes. Their incredibly rousing rendition of Gays In The Military (it's not flattering, soldier types) was typical of their relentless picking at heteronormativity, made all the more poignant by being hosted in the mainstream gay mecca of Soho.

4 chipped, rusty gold stars out of 5.

Merrie Hell runs until 5 Jan at Soho Theatre

Words: Bob Henderson

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