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We've all had those, "Who would win in a fight between __ and __?" conversations and it seems the guys at Sony have too. Now, we may not have the ability to make Tulisa and Nicole slug it out on screen, but the techs at PlayStation do.

Well, not Tulisa and Nicole exactly, but virtually every hero in their PS3 universe. So, if you want to pitch Sackboy, Ratchet & Clank, Nathan Drake, Fat Princess, Jak & Daxter and a world of others against each other in a pixel punch-up then PlayStation®All-Stars Battle Royale is for you.

We find it hard to take sides in a fight between our favourites Ratchet & Clank (The recent HD polish of the PS2 classics are essential) and Uncharted's Nathan Drake (The sexiest videogame character for sure) but the idea of them sharing a screen is irresistible.

And, if the sight of all your heroes on one screen isn't exciting enough, PlayStation have pushed the pop culture mash-up even further with some great promo images for the game. Cult illustrator and life-long gamer Aled Lewis has stripped away the high-def and converted characters into classic 8-Bit graphics, facing off in famous movie scenes. Our favourite is Ratchet and Jak in the stand-off from Reservoir Dogs. With a morph gun. Fantastic.

Now, when can we expect the Dynasty PS3 game with all the catfights between Krystle and Alexis? Come on Sony. GT

For more information see Watch Aled Lewis creating the 8-bit characters here.

Words Mark King
Images Courtesy of Sony / Aled Lewis

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