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Otherwise known as's new single.

The two musical television judges have finally binned ‘The Voice’ versus ‘The X factor’ competition and have brilliantly teamed together to produce an electrifying new track, which went online today:

The track, entitled Scream & Shout will be released as’s new single on the 7th January 2013. Not only does the song feature Britney Spears but also Lazy Jay - whom contributed to the immense success of Azealia Banks' 212 - has also produced the track. The tune will probably trigger a number of crazy dance moves throughout nightclubs across the country as exemplified by the following musical lyric, “When up in the club, all eyes on us.”

From the moment we heard the track we were hooked, with the combination of the catchy tune, the consistent beat and the positive repetition of lyrics - namely a certainly cheeky sample and post-post-meta-modern inclusion of “It’s Britney Bitch". If it aint broke, sample it.

Words: Ben Richardson

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